• 1960 Michael was born
  • 973 Michael won a special prize in what was known as the “Hawke’s Bay S.P.C.A. Essay Competition”, (open to schoolchildren) for his ability to describe.
  • 1977 Michael got two poems published in the school magazine.
  • 1998-2000 Michael becomes well known at drop in centres in Wellington for his poetry.
  • 2002 A community church group called “Stillwaters” publishes some of Michael’s poetry to celebrate 25 years of writing
  • 2003 Michael names a radio programme about mental health issues “Sound Minds
  • 2009 Michael puts out a book of limericks, his 6th publication.
  • 2012 Michael names a community group set up to fight cuts in primary healthcare “UCAN”. This is originally meant to stand for “United Community Action Newtown”, but the issues go well beyond the suburb of Newtown, so the word “Newtown” is replaced with the word “network”. “United Community Action Network”, an organization of concerned citizens trying to fight primary healthcare funding cuts.
  • 2013 Michael’s writing website is launched.


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