“All of a sudden”
Said Janice McCrudden
“Surely spring will arrive
And the rose will start buddin’”.

“No, all is forlorn”
Said Rosemary Thorn.
“The rain will continue
Just as you’ve been warned”.

“But look at the ferns”
Observed shady Ms Burns
“The rain’s made them lovely
So what can be learned”?

“Don’t mind the weather”
Said sensible Heather.
“You need not let your mind
Reach the end of its tether”.

Completed 3/10/07

By Michael Dunningham


Idolisation can’t exist
Where the thing concerned’s of God.
But the trawler boats which feed the hungry
May well deplete the stocks of cod.

So some things go past the Godly:
I love the classic races.
Although I give much winnings to the poor
My interest far exceeds such graces.

However, my walking’s of Christ
I admire his wondrous scenes;
Keep both my body and spirit healthy
Meditating on the serene.

My writing and communal work
Too, are Godly expressions.
But who among us has not one passion
Which is worthy of confession?

Many earthly things are tempting
And can court the heart’s delight,
But just adoring God’s kaleidoscope
Of love and holy glory’s right.

Completed 5/11/2007


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