My Christian faith is an orchard
It has various delicious fruits
Nurtured by passions in the soils.
Often leisure, sometimes toils.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral trees are pears
Combining beauty and tradition.
The seeds were sewn last year on Anzac Day
Bore a harvest straight away.

Stillwaters community church
Bears a harvest of ripe apricots;
Tasting delicious though the group is small.
Our message is god loves us all.

No status here at Stillwaters
For equality is essential.
The sweet flavour’s the fact we deeply care,
Nutrients the roles we share.

Christian writing’s my passion fruit
With roots almost thirty years old.
But it’s only born fruits the last four years
Taste make listeners often cheer.

The T.A.B.’s like golden queens.
I back the long shots, go for gold.
When my outsiders win buy smokes with it
For the poor who cannot quit.

Mental health work’s like apple trees
I’ve harvested these for eight years now.
It’s the old saying an apple a day
Helps the doctors stay away.

Also my orchard’s orange trees
Have a certain appeal and are sweet.
The Thursday babysitting I now do
Is still something rather new.

This is the orchard of my faith
Through which I worship and love neighbours
Via a broad range of institutions;
My Christian contribution.

Completed 23/3/2006

By Michael Dunningham


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