‘Though November year two thousand one
Seems a long, long time ago,
That’s the month when this true story starts
At a time when I felt low.

A horse named Final Destination
Paid a whopper of a price:
Sixty bucks to win and ten the place,
Wouldn’t that be very nice.

Yes, she won the 1,000 Guineas
Did Final Destination,
One of my favourite races
Which caused me irritation.

For I had been following that horse
And knew that she would break through,
But I went away on that weekend
With better things to do.

Although I missed out on a big one
Which was unpleasant and sad,
That weekend led to a turning point.
In the long run I was glad.

I spent the weekend with some Christians,
A valuable excursion,
Rehearsed a musical performance
Which led to my conversion.

Since then my four year Christian journey
Has seen much satisfaction:
Blessings, baptism, companionship.
I serve the Lord through actions.

Sometimes writing Christian poetry,
Or helping those who are poor,
I’m involved with mental illness too;
It’s all rewarding for sure.

My T.A.B. journey has improved
For two years things have looked up
With big success in the Saint Leger
And the Rotorua Cup.

That racehorse Final Destination
Paid a whopper of a price,
But final destination heaven
Is infinitely more nice.

Completed 20/10/2005

By Michael Dunningham


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