Words do not cater for continuums
But put things into categories instead.
When does blue turn into teal?
When does fear become dread?

True, within these categories
You can have still smaller groups,
But words imply clear boundaries,
So where none exist words dupe.

No clear boundary ‘tween blue and teal,
Nor between the good and excellent
And so it is a pity
Can’t always use measurements.

Thus to cater for continuums
You find yourself a caterer
Who turns into a camera,
Which turns into a Cameron
Who gives them words a hammerin’!

Completed 25/8/2006

By Michael Dunningham


Knee, nee.
Was k,n,e,e, born out of n,e,e?

Know, no.
I hope you know that “no” can mean refusal.

Knight, night.
Without a light I can’t see a knight at night.

Knew, new.
What if you knew nothing new?

Knot, not.
Don’t get tied up in knots, I’ve not forgot the last one.

Knit, nit.
Can nits knit? I doubt it.

I’ve only used these pairs in sentences once,
But now I will repeat one because I know no others.
Isn’t it a shame that repeating is a no no!

Completed 10/09/06


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