A friend once made a statement
With which I disagreed.
Said “something is the absence of nothing”.
I replied “Not so,
Something is the exclusion of everything else.
Everything is the absence of nothing,
And nothing is the absence of everything.
So go away and chill out
Because zero is my hero”.


Mathematics is just the dynamics
Of certain types of ideas.
Numbers are only ideas,
Two apples exist physically;
Two and other numbers do not.
And what of the mathematical point?
Can any physical thing be infinitely small?
Without points their can be no surfaces,
But being composed of atoms
Objects as we think of them
Do not have mathematical surfaces.
Do any subatomic particles have surfaces?
Without there being a point in time
There can be no beginning or end,
But even the end of a race is dodgy.
At what point did the first electron of the person’s body
Level with the first electron of the finishing line?
I feel my head begin to ache,
It’s time to take a break and eat some cake.


Time’s an interesting concept.
If there was a beginning of time,
Then what triggered the beginning?
And if the past is infinite
How did we get to the present?
Will time ever end, and if so, how?
Would the universe cease to exist?
If there is no end to time
Then there always is a future.
This implies some things will happen,
But will happen never,
And that’s an oxymoron.
Why do I think this way?
I guess some future day
I’ll wonder why my hair turned grey.


And now let us turn to a more concrete subject.
Male and female aren’t opposites,
They are complimentary.
Concrete sperm and concrete kids,
Then we’d have statues in our midst!

Completed 19/3/2006


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